Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Scam

I saw this happen right before my eyes.

A young couple I'm guessing between 22 and 25 years old with a baby about 18 months old were standing out in front of a discount store asking for money to buy diapers for the baby. A good Samaritan tells the guy to come inside with him and pick out the diapers. The man goes back to the diapers and gets the most expensive brand of diapers the store carries. He brings them to the counter and tells the good Sam that he is sorry but that's the only diapers they have. (A lie because after they left I went back and looked, there was all sorts of cheaper diapers.) The good Sam says that's OK and pays for the diapers. They walk outside, the couple says thank you and walks around the side of the building, the good Sam gets in his car and leaves. Once the good Sam is out of site the woman brings the diapers back in and tries to return them for the cash. The clerk says no, and when the woman asked why the clerk tells her the reason you can not return them is that you didn't buy them. The woman gets pissed and storms out of the store. A few seconds later the man comes in all pissed off and bows up on the clerk. The clerk calmly says "give me a second and let me call someone to help you." The clerk pulls the store phone out of a pocket and dials a number. The man asked "who are you calling?" When the clerk tells him the police the man leaves the store in a hurry telling his woman "we have to get out of here he's calling the cops on us." They walked off in a hurry.

I have always been a bit reluctant to give help to strangers asking for any type of a handout. Seeing this happen right in front of me has made it really hard for me to even consider giving anything to strangers.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A pregnant lady gets on a city bus. Two men get up and offer the pregnant lady their seats. A lady that was sitting down started yelling it was racism because the men gave up their seats to the pregnant lady.

Do you see anything racist about that story? I certainly don't. But it's a true story that happened a few days ago. Now let me fill in some blanks so that you can see the entire picture.

A white pregnant lady get on a city bus. A young Mexican man (about 26) and an older black man (about 55 or 56) who were sitting side by side both get up and offer their seats to the pregnant white lady. The pregnant white lady accepts the offer of the seats and sits down. The black lady that was sitting behind the Mexican & black man starts yelling it's racist because they gave their seats to a white woman.

Now I know there is racism in the world. But this story is not an example of it. This story is an example of men with manors doing the right thing and offering their seat to a woman. I know myself I have offered my seat on buses, in Doctors offices, and other places to women. Some accepted, some didn't. Because it's the right thing to do. Plus if I didn't and my mom found out I would have some explaining to do.

If anything this might have been a case of sexism. I mean after all didn't you women fight like hell for women's lib back in the 1970's.

Like a true radio legend would say; "and now you know the rest of the story".