Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wow 36,461

I was just looking at the stats for my  blog. When I noticed that I have had  36, 461 hits on my blog site. Now I know what the haters are going to say. "You are just clicking on your site to get all those hits." But that's not true. The site does not count my page views. I never thought when I started writing my blog that it would get this many hits. Like I have said in the past, I just write about things that interest me, and when I write about Dighton Kansas a lot of people like to read about that funny little messed up town.

All I can say is thank you for reading my blog and I'll try to write more often.

Monday, March 31, 2014

How Do They Choose A Boss

First let me say the names have been change to protect the stupid.
This is a look at how a boss gets away with so much crap. This is just one month that I kept track of. I also Kept track of February too. I'll post that later.

On Sunday Dec. 29, 2013 Debbie called me at work wanting to know if I could come in at noon on Monday Dec 30, 2013 as Bob was sick. I told her no that my wife had a doctors appointment at 12:45 that I had to be at. Debbie told me that she had 2 doctors appointments and court. I told her I would get there as soon as I could, But that I was schedule to be at work at 3 anyway. 20 minutes later Debbie called again asking it I could open the store and work till 10 am? She said she had found someone to come in at 10 to cover the store till I could get done with my wife's doctors appointment. I said ok.

On Monday Dec. 30, 2013 I opened the store. Dick showed up at about 10. I took the deposits to the bank and picked up a change order. I left the store at about 11. At 3 I showed back up and David left. At about 5:30 pm I called Debbie about a problem I had at the store. Debbie told me there really wasn't much she could do right then as she was in Oklahoma City. Later that night Debbie call the store to ask what time she worked on Tuesday. Bob had called in sick for Tuesday and she was going to cover his shift. (Bob was scheduled to work 7:30 to 2)

On Tuesday Dec.31, 2013 I showed up to work my shift at 1 Debbie left at 1:30.

Wednesday Jan 01, 2014 my scheduled day off, according to my caller Id Debbie started calling my house at 9 am. She called my house 3 times in 15 minutes. At about 9:30 Bob called saying Debbie was sick and she wanted to know if I could come in at 2. Knowing Bob was sick I said yes.

Thursday Jan 02, 2014 I opened the store. At 8:15 Debbie called the store to ask what time she was scheduled to work today. When I told her 12:45 she sounded surprised and disappointed. I then told her that Bob had told me he would come in at 1 today and then work for me Friday Jan 03, 2014 so I could have a day off. This seemed to make her very happy. Debbie then told me to tell Bob that she would not be in at 12:45 but she would be in some time during the day. When Bob came in I told him what Debbie had said. He said that Debbie had texted him and told him she was not coming today and who did he want to work with Fred or Sally?

Friday Jan. 03, 2014 my day off, my caller id showed that Debbie called at 9:15 am. I was asleep in bed sick with a cold. My wife returned her call at about 10 am. Debbie wanted to know if I could come in and make a sign for her. When she learned I was sick in bed she said not to bother me. So tonight Jan. 03, 2014 I went to the store to get some cold medicine and to see what the sign was I was called about this morning. No surprise there was no cold medicine on the shelve. I looked all over the store for a new sign but didn't find one. I asked Bob about a sign and he knew nothing. Bob told me that Debbie had Sally come in and work 4 hours off the clock. He also told me that she left Sally in the backroom unloading the truck while she left for the day at 2:30 (she was scheduled to work til 5:15) Bob also said that when Debbie left there was about 30 people in line. Some of them asked if they could open the other register. Bob said Debbie told them no that she was leaving and left.

Jan 05, 2014, Bob said he had just parked in the parking lot at 12:25 when Debbie called him saying it was 12:30 why was he not at work yet. Looking at the bank deposit log I noticed Debbie signed off on taking 2 deposits to the bank at 1:30, but for some reason she left a bank bag in the bottom safe and did not take it. (I put it back in the top safe.) At around 8 pm Debbie called to tell me she did not run any of her paperwork for the daily envelope. I told her I had already found it and taken care of it. She then told me she had forgot to balance herself out at the register. I told her I noticed that too and had taken care of it. She then told me that she did not enter the midday deposit into the register before she left. I told her I would take care of it. She then asked what time she worked tomorrow, then said "oh I'm off tomorrow." Bob said she left at 1:30. She was scheduled to leave at 2.

07 Jan2014 Showed up for work at about 4:55 pm. Debbie was already gone even though she was scheduled to work til 5:30 pm. I asked Bob what time she left and he said she left at about 2:30. He said she said she had a doctors appointment. I don't know, but she did not take the night deposit from 06 Jan 2014. It was still in the bottom safe when I went to get some change for my drawer. I dropped it in the top safe as I was not going to the bank now.

09 Jan 2013 Debbie (scheduled 1 to close) called at about 9:30 am wanting to know if I had checked messages. I told her yes but that I had none. She said she thought Mary might have e-mailed about the robbery last might. Debbie then asked what I had Fred doing. I told her cleaning the backroom getting it ready for truck tomorrow. She said good then asked what I was doing. I told her that Fred had found about a dozen totes with HBA and brought them up and I was working on putting them away and she said good. She then said she would see me at 1 and hung up. At about 11:30 Debbie called and said she had not been able to get a hold of her husband and she didn't think she would make it by 1 pm. She said it would be about 3 before she got there. She also said that when she got there she would let me go home. I said ok and we hung up. 3 o'clock came and went no Debbie, no phone call. 4 o'clock no Debbie no phone call. At about 4:45 I noticed Debbie's car in the parking lot, but did not see Debbie come in. At 5 o'clock Debbie came to the cash registers. She said she was ready to take over and for me to go count my drawer and do the midday deposit. After I did that I put my money away balanced my register and clocked out. I then asked Debbie if she knew Bob was pencil fucking the change fund count. She said "what does that mean?" I told her that he was just writing down what ever the numbers were from the last count and not counting the money. She said that's not what it shows on camera. I told her to look at the sheet and she could tell that's what he is doing. She then told me that she had found a $5 dollar bill in a register that he had counted. I told her that the other night the change found was $70 short. I found $20 in my drawer and found $25 dollars in each of the other 2 drawers that Bob had counted. Debbie then told me she had hired a girl. That she was waiting for the paper work to go through. She was some big shot manager at a couple of other big name stores. I said good and left.

10 Jan 2014 Debbie called me at home at 2 pm. She wanted to know if I could come in to work at 3 instead of 4. She said she had a doctors appointment at 3:45 she needed to go to. She said that even though it was Bob's day off he was in unloading the truck. She said the truck was almost done. I showed up at 3. Debbie said that I would have to count her drawer down, but she had already did the midday deposit. She said that the change fund was out of 5's and I would have to buy 5's from the other drawers. Then she changed her mind and said never mind I'll go to the bank. She brought the change back threw it in the bottom safe and left. At about 7:30 pm Debbie called the store. She told me to print off a copy of the schedule and take up front as Fred had took the other one. I told her that I already had a copy up front. She said oh, then have a good night and hung up.

14 Jan 2014 Debbie called me at 11:41 this morning. She said she had changed the schedule and I needed to come in at 3:30 pm. When I got there at 3:20 Bob told me that Debbie had called him at 6:30 this morning. He said she had broke her key off in the back room door. He said that she had to call a locksmith to fix it. They changed the lock and made several new keys for it. I took 1 key and put it on my key ring. The other new key I put on the yellow lanyard for the part timer who would be working. Bob told me that Debbie left at 12:30 right after she called me. He said her husband showed up at 12 noon and was waiting for her to leave. I looked at the schedule. It showed that she was suppose to stay til 2 pm.

17 Jan 2014 Showed up for work at 2 pm as scheduled. Sally was running register. I told her I thought she was closing with me tonight. She said she was but Debbie called her in at 1 pm. I looked at the schedule Sally was to come in at 5 pm. I went to the back office and found Debbie working on next weeks schedule. She said she had called Sally in because she had too much other stuff to do. I reminded her to call Fred's schedule in (Fred is in work release and has to have his schedule called in to be released for work) I then reminded her that banks would be closed on Monday. She asked why and when I told her it was Martin Luther King day, her reply was "I'm Indian I don't get excited about Martian Luther King or Columbus day." Debbie told me that the truck was not even in town so she was going to have to unload it in the morning. She gave me instructions for Sally. She said that she had only dropped about $200 this morning and we left the office and walked up front. When we got up front she got her coat and got ready to leave. Then she said "oh you'll have to count my drawer." I said ok and then she said "oh I might as well take that with me sense I'm going." Talking about last nights deposit. She got last nights deposit out of the bottom safe and left at about 2:40 pm. (she was scheduled to work till 5 pm) I counted Debbie's drawer and did a midday deposit. I put the 3rd registers bills and the midday deposit in the top safe. An hour or so went by and Debbie did not return or call. I had to get into the change fund and saw it was low. I asked Sally if she felt comfortable enough to go get change. She said yes that she had done it before. I put a change order together and then counted out the money in front of the camera and Sally. Sally brought the change back and I put it in the bottom safe without counting it, as I was busy with customers. Later when I took the change fund to the back and counted it. It came up perfect. At about 10 til 6 the truck showed up. I was on the phone trying to contact Debbie but all I got was her Voice mail. I put Sally back on a register and I went to unload the truck. It was me and 2 truck drivers in the back room. They got done unloading at about 7:20 pm. They did not take all our rolltainers as they were full. They took all our cardboard rolltainers and tote rolltainers. I again called Debbie to ask her if she wanted me to call DOT or if she would in the morning. She got a little pissy about them not taking the 12 empty rolltainers. I told her that the truck was full and that they would have to unload empty rolltainers before they could unload any freight at their next stop. She said she would call DOT tomorrow and we hung up.

18 Jan 2014 I showed up to work my scheduled shift at 5:30 pm. Bob was by himself, with 5 customers in line. He said Debbie had tried to call him at 6:30 and 11:00 am then again at 1 pm. He told me he did not answer any of her phone calls. When he showed up for his shift at 2 pm Debbie and the new girl were ready to leave. He said  "The new girl must be a relative or a friend as her and Debbie rode together. From 5:30 to 6:30 pm I was on register by myself as Bob was in the back counting his drawer down and doing the midday deposit. At one point I got into the change fund for some change and found several hundred dollar bills. I called Bob and told him to make sure he changed out the small bills for big bills as the bank would be closed on Monday. Several customers complained about only having one cashier. I told them I have tried to get more cashiers during high volume times but it just does not seem to happen. At 6:30 Sally showed up. I sent her to the back to get a box of bags. When she came back Bob was with her. He was going to put his drawer that he had just counted in the safe. I told him to put it in the register so Sally could open up as there was still a line of people. Bob left and took the deposit with him, it was about 6:45 pm. I know it was dark outside.

21 Jan 2014 Showed up for my shift at 2 pm. Bob, Debbie & Sally were there. Sally was leaving as she had been called in 4 hours earlier. Debbie came up to the cash wrap with her husband and son. She gave Bob a bunch of stuff to do and said she was leaving. I got a drawer out of the safe and placed the drawer Sally had used in the safe. I then took over the register for Bob and he went to do what ever Debbie had told him. Bob came up to the cash wrap a few times telling me that Debbie had either called or texted him with more stuff he needed to do. Just before it was time for me to take my lunch Debbie called the store and told me to wait to take my lunch till Fred came in as she had some stuff that Bob had to get done before he left. I said ok and hung up. At the end of his shift Bob counted down his drawer and Sally's. Fred came in on time and I went to lunch. As I was sitting in the office reading store e-mail Bob called and said he forgot to sign out the deposit to the bank this was about 6:30 pm to 6:45pm I asked him what was he doing taking deposits to the bank after dark? He said Debbie had told him that he had to take the deposits tonight so she would not get in trouble. I told him it was not safe and he should not have done it. After the store closed I found the change fund was 10 dollars short. I counted my draw and Fred's drawer and they came out ok. I put those drawers in the safe and pulled the 3rd drawer and took it back to be counted. I found the drawer to be over $10.11. I put the $10 in the change fund and put the 11 cents in the deposit. All the rest of the count came out good. I got the deposit ready and went to the front to lock everything up. I then found paper work that said Sally was $15.49 over. All the drawers were right, the deposit was right. I didn't see where that money was so I called Debbie to see what she wanted me to do. Debbie said enter the deposit and lock everything up. But not to close down the store and she would look at it in the morning. So that's what I did. (note: with 3 people in the store during the day ie Bob, Debbie & Sally, the store looked like crap. From 2 till 6 would have been a great time for Debbie to stay in the store and get things done as she would have had Bob, me & her. That would have been the store manager and 2 leads for 4 hours how good could that store have looked with all that talent. Endcaps done and some mag set. But she was more worried about her "Birthday Week")

22 Jan 2014 Debbie called my house at 3:20 pm. No one was home as we were at my mothers helping out. (my mom fell and broke her arm on Sunday the 19th. She is 73 years old and Debbie knew it had happened) I got home about 9:30 pm and seen she had called so I called the store. Bob answer so I asked him if he knew why Debbie called. He said he thought it was because I had Fred put all the bags of firewood on a u-boat and move it up front. He said that Debbie chewed him out for it when he came in at 2 pm. Bob said that while they were in the office Debbie saw a guy walk out the front door and told Bob that guy just stole a bunch of stuff. Bob said they both ran to the front of the store and then Debbie chased the guy half way across the parking lot before he stopped. The guy said that he did not take anything and unzipped his jacket to show he was not hiding anything. Bob said that Debbie had went ahead and called the police. Bob said the guy willing walked back to the store and said he would wait on the police to get there. Bob said that as Debbie was on the phone to 911 he heard her say the officers need to hurry up and get here because I have a doctors appointment. Bob said he heard Debbie say well Bob is here he can talk to the officers and he said he heard the dispatcher tell her no that she had to stay and wait on the officers. I asked Bob what the cops said when they got there and he said they took Debbie off to one side and he didn't know what was going on.

24 Jan 2014 Showed up at 4 pm to start my shift. Debbie and new girl went to office to count down drawers and do midday deposit. When they came back a customer bought $13.00 worth of stuff and tried to pay with a $100 bill. I did not have change in my drawer due to just being open 30 minutes. Debbie was in the safe, I tried to hand it to her and asked if she had change for it. She said no then handed the new girl her debit card and she went around the counter and swiped the card and paid. Then the new girl said honey we have to pay her back when we get that broke. The little boy that was with the guy said something and Debbie told the new girl "did you hear that, he called me Nana."

26 Jan 2014 Showed up for my shift. Bob said that he guessed he was going to work all day Monday by himself. I said why Debbie was scheduled to come in at 11 am. He said she called this morning and said that she had a doctors appointment Monday and wasn't sure when she would be in. Bob said that meant that she was not going to show up at all. I told Bob that she makes the schedule why didn't she just schedule herself off. I also said she got pissed at Jane for doing what she is doing and ran Jane off for it.

27 Jan 2014 I went to the store at about 10 am to go get change for Bob as I had used up all the quarters the night before. Bob said Debbie had called at 8 am and said she was not going to be in at all. Bob said that he told her he was about out of change and someone needed to go to the bank. He said Debbie said oh I'll try to come in some time and get some change for you. I went to the bank got change brought it back to the store and left. When I showed up for my shift Bob said right after I left the new girl showed up and said that Debbie had sent her to go get change for him. He said she got a dumb look on her face when he told her that I had already been to the bank. I told Bob about the phone call I got from Debbie on the 22nd. Bob laughed and said Debbie had called him on a day off and chewed him out because a customer had told her that he was complaining about working too many hours. We both agreed that we thought she was making this stuff up in her head to feel important. We also both agreed that if she would show up for work when she was scheduled and work, the store would look a lot better and our sales would go up. We both agreed that our store could be a gold mine for the company. Later in the night my partner Fred told me that Debbie jumped all over him for moving firewood that I told him to move. Fred told me that Debbie had said "from now on if Kevin tells you to do something you call me to see if it's ok to do."

29 Jan 2014 My wife and I stopped by the store to do some shopping at about 5 pm. I counted about 35 totes (some of them still sealed) on the floor scattered through out the store. My wife commented that there was a lot of empty shelves in the store. I saw one rolltainer on the floor. It looked like it had Valentine and lawn & garden stuff on it. When we got up to the check out I asked Bob If he was by himself. He said no that Debbie and the new girl was in the backroom cleaning it. He said Debbie told him "the backroom was not ready for truck last Friday so she was going to clean it today and have it ready for Friday." Bob then made the comment in front of my wife and a customer behind me " this is the most that she has worked in one day in weeks." I did not respond. My wife and I left the store.

30 Jan 2014 Debbie called me at 8 am. She wanted to know if I could come in at 12:30 for a couple of hours so she could go with her husband to court. She said she had to cut hours, but this way I could still get my hours. I said sure I'd be there at 12:30. Debbie then said that I wouldn't have to come in till 6 tonight. I said ok. I showed up at 12:30, Debbie said Betty was there but she would be in the backroom. Debbie showed up at about 2:45pm. She hinted around like she wanted me to stay but she did not ask and I did not offer. I clocked out at 2:51 Debbie then asked if I would take the 2 deposits and drop them at the Bank. I did, but did not sign the bank log that I was taking them. I returned for my shift at 6. I saw the back room key on the yellow lanyard and asked where Fred was. She said she had to cut hours and so she cancelled Fred and that she would be closing with me. She then him ha'd around wondering if she should count her drawer down. I told her to run a store report and see how many customers the store had had for the day so far. She did and it turned out the store had only had about 253 customers. I said as it was the day before payday to go ahead and count it down I would be fine. She told me that after I had left that she had gotten into my drawer to get change and I would find a couple of more 20's then I had before. I said ok and she left to count her drawer. When she came back she put all the cash in the top safe and then said she would be taking care of the store. I didn't see her again till about 8 pm. she came up and asked if I was ok. I said yes and she left. At about 8:20 she came back up front for something and I asked if she was ready to drop half the change fund. She said go ahead and do it so I dropped all but 20 in 1's and 50 in 5's. She came back up front about 8:40 to get ready to do the cig count. She asked me if I knew how to do the count I said yes, then she asked if I knew what to do if cigs came in and how to add them to the count. I said yes I had done it before. She then showed me Bob's counts for the last 2 days. I asked why did he do the 2 counts on the same sheet I had counted cigs on 2 days ago. She said she didn't know. Then she showed me the numbers. My last count was like 649 and Bob's count was like 1556 and no mention of cigs received or invoice numbers. I told her that was just wrong what he did. She said she knew that. At 9:30 pm Debbie locked the doors. She said this was how she did it when she closed. She would then unlock the door to let people in or out as needed. At 10 pm she said that she would move every thing into the top safe and count it in the morning. We left the building at about 10:15 pm.

31 Jan 2014 I called Debbie at about 1 pm to tell her that my check was 3 hours short from a class I had attended 2 weeks ago. I got her voice mail. I left a message. Debbie call me back at about 2:30. I told her about the hours and she said they would be on the next check. She said that closing the store with not counting anything at night worked out great and she wanted me to do it tonight. She said that she was cold and frozen from unloading the truck so she was not going to stay tonight. She said she had called Sally in to close with me. She said that the backroom was full and there was freight all over the floor. She said she wanted Sally to work on putting up the freight on the floor and I could skip lunch if I wanted to so Sally could spend more time working on freight. She then said there would be a store meeting on Monday at 7 am. She said it was not going to be much of a meeting as she was going to have everyone throw freight. She said there were 20 rolltainers that came in on the truck. I said ok and hung up. At 4:05 pm Debbie called wondering where I was. My wife answered the phone and told her I was getting ready and that I wasn't schedule till 4:30. Debbie told my wife she thought I came in at 4 pm. I showed up at 4:30. There were 5 empty carts in the parking lot. Betty was running register. I clocked in, Debbie and Betty took Betty's drawer and the daily drops and headed for the office. They were gone about 15 minutes and then they were back up front. Debbie said she had an emergency phone call and that she had to leave. (note Betty seemed more upset then Debbie) Debbie said that they got Betty's drawer counted but I would have to do the midday deposit when Sally got there. I said ok and they left. At the end of the night we did the closing just like Debbie had done it the night before. We were out of the store by 10:15.

Now I know as a boss there are some perks that you get. I understand that. But when the place you are in charge of is in such a mess and  you keep doing what you have done, it never gets better. The other thing is when policy is as a boss you work 48 hours a and close at least 2 nights a week. But you only work about 30 hours a week maybe and almost never close. Then there is a major break down in the chain of command. Something to think about is, lead by example. Your employees will respect you and be more loyal. That means more work will get done.