Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bad Service at Nu Way Cafe

On August 19th 2014 at 5:30 pm the wife and I went to the Nu Way Café at 2417 S. Seneca in Wichita Kansas to have supper. We spent a total of $17.85. (receipt # 4453 on register 01 Victoria was the cashier) After getting our food I tasted the Chile with beans that I had ordered. It had a slight scorched taste to it. I asked one of the young ladies that was working there if they had had any complaints about the Chile. She said no and asked why. I told her that it had a slight scorch taste to it. Her reply was this; "they must of left the heat on too high". She did not say she was sorry, did not offer to replace the Chile, did not offer to refund our money. The best or saddest part the entire situation was that she was standing right next to the Chile station and never even turned to check the heat setting or taste the Chile to see what I was talking about. You might ask how bad was the scorch taste? It was not so bad as that it could not be eaten. I would have gladly accepted a replacement bowl, but I would not have asked for my money back. I did eat all the Chile but it was not the great Chile that I normally get.

Looking back I should have realized something was wrong at this Nu Way Café. It was 5:30 pm and there was just one table with people at it, and they appeared to be camping out,  just there to use the free Wi-Fi. While we were there only one person came in and got an order to go. Plus only one car came through the drive-thru.

I would think with the amount of places to eat with in a block of Nu Way. I count 15, with one being in the same building right next door and two others being in the same parking lot. I would think you would step up your customer service so that you stand out above the rest. Like Willie Degel of Uncle Jacks Steak House says, "Cash is King" and "the customer is always right". So Nu Way Café at 2417 S. Seneca you have got your last $17.85 from me.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Open Letter To CNN

As a rule I don't watch CNN, This morning at 10:30 am central time I turned on your news program and watched it till 11am.
I was very interested in the video the 19 year old young lady shot of the shooting scene. She said in your interview that she started shooting the video 30 seconds after Mr. Brown was shot. But yet in the video you aired we already see the crime scene tape up roping off the area and other officers on scene.
My questions are;
1. Is the young lady mistaken about how long it took her to get her camera out and start filming?
2. Did CNN edit the video down so much as to only show what CNN wanted it to show?
The Black Lady Lawyer (Moe Ivy I think is her name) made a great point. In the video we see the officers standing around looking at the body. We don't see them checking on the body or trying to render any aid. But in my mind the video you showed is well after the time the shooting happened.
By airing this video and questioning what the police have or have not done by what we saw in that short clip, I feel CNN is just pouring more fuel on an already explosive situation.
This is just some thoughts I have. Maybe it will give you and other people something to think about.
I'm not saying the shooting was right or wrong. I don't have the facts to make that decision. With the unrest and riots going on now I think it's tough for anyone to do an investigation of this shooting at the moment.
Thank you for allowing me to voice my concerns.