Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A pregnant lady gets on a city bus. Two men get up and offer the pregnant lady their seats. A lady that was sitting down started yelling it was racism because the men gave up their seats to the pregnant lady.

Do you see anything racist about that story? I certainly don't. But it's a true story that happened a few days ago. Now let me fill in some blanks so that you can see the entire picture.

A white pregnant lady get on a city bus. A young Mexican man (about 26) and an older black man (about 55 or 56) who were sitting side by side both get up and offer their seats to the pregnant white lady. The pregnant white lady accepts the offer of the seats and sits down. The black lady that was sitting behind the Mexican & black man starts yelling it's racist because they gave their seats to a white woman.

Now I know there is racism in the world. But this story is not an example of it. This story is an example of men with manors doing the right thing and offering their seat to a woman. I know myself I have offered my seat on buses, in Doctors offices, and other places to women. Some accepted, some didn't. Because it's the right thing to do. Plus if I didn't and my mom found out I would have some explaining to do.

If anything this might have been a case of sexism. I mean after all didn't you women fight like hell for women's lib back in the 1970's.

Like a true radio legend would say; "and now you know the rest of the story".

Sunday, September 21, 2014

McDonalds Is The Best

On Wednesday 17 Sept.2014 I sent the following complaint to McDonalds via their Facebook page.


On Monday 15 Sept. 2014 at about 8:30 am my father and I went to the McDonalds at Hydraulic and I-135 in Wichita Kansas. We pull up to the drive-thru order station and order 2 orders of hotcakes & sausage. I double check the order screen to make sure the order is correct, and it is. I pull around to the first window and pay for the order. The receipt is correct with what we ordered. We pull up to the second window to pick up our food and a nice young man asks us to pull forward and he'll bring our food out to us in a minute. No big deal. We pull forward to wait and in about a minute the young man brings our order to us. He hands me the food and asks that we check the order to make sure it is all there. (this is something I do at any drive-thru as there have been too many times when we got home and was missing something) As I check the order I notice we are missing the sausages. I tell the young man the sausage is missing and he says ok he'll be right back.

Not even 30 seconds later I see in my side view mirror a lady in a manager's shirt come out the door with a small burger box in her hand. The look on her face seems to show she is very upset at something. As she gets to my window She states in a very gruff and matter of fact tone that when we ordered we did not order sausage. As polite and nice as I can be I tell her yes we did order and paid for sausage, then I show her the receipt. she grabs the receipt from my hand, looks at it says "Oh" hands the box and the receipt back to me and storms off back into the store. No apologizes, no I'm sorry, no have a nice day, no thank you, nothing. Just "Oh" and storms off.

Granted our order came to less then $10 this time. But we have been known to spend close to $20 at this store from time to time. With So many other places to eat and numerous McDonalds Store in this city You have lost a future customer. I will not be back.


Less then 24 hours later I get the following e-mail reply.


Hello Kevin:

I want to thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience at the McDonald's in Wichita, KS with me. Your feedback is very important to us as it allows us to better understand how we can improve our service to you.

I am sorry for the inaccurate order and unprofessional service you received. Please be assured that we want to provide you with an exceptional experience every time you visit us. From your email, it is clear we did not meet your expectations. Again, I am truly sorry we disappointed you.

I want you to know that I have already taken action on your feedback. After reading your email, I immediately shared the information you brought to our attention with the local franchise owner of the restaurant you visited. Additionally, customer feedback is reviewed with our regional McDonald's consultants as part of our ongoing commitment to improving our restaurants' operations.

Again, Kevin, thank you for sharing your feedback. We appreciate your business and we hope to have the pleasure of serving you soon.
McDonald's Customer Response Center
Then at 10:15 am I get a call from the McDonalds Store that I complained about. They apologized for getting the order wrong to begin with, then also apologized for appearing to be rude. They also offered 2 free meals. I told them that the free meals would not be necessary. They said that they wanted us to have the free meals as it was their way of saying they were sorry.
I was really impressed with the way this was handled from the corporate level right on down to the store level. They could have blown me off thinking that my little $6 order was not worth the hassle. They didn't. They went the extra mile to make a customer feel important, and for doing that they have made me a customer for life.